Start Skincare While They Are Young


Chin Extraction during a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial.

It is so important to take good care of our skin. After all it  is the largest organ of our body.   Starting young can help to avoid so many problems in the future. Youth are often urged to use just water or even worse, soap on their skin.  Its time to get them started in the right direction, early. You never know, as a parent you could learn a thing or two on reversing signs of aging in your own skin.;)
We did attempt about a year ago to start a skincare regimen for a teen client. However, they were not fully committed and so the skin would revert back to the acne state it was in before we started.  Mom asked me a couple of times a year about clearing her teen’s skin. However I did not want her to waste her money on Facials or  products when it was not important to the teen for at home care. I explained how what I do at the salon was only 10% of  skincare. The other 90%is at home care. After all they are young and don’t realize how important is to take care of the skin until it’s a problem. I would talk  right in front of teen and let her know that until he/she takes it seriously and understands the importance of their skin clearing up then all efforts would be in vain. It could cost her a lot of money in the long run. Well, this week we started the skin journey again. After about an hour working and then some tears at the end we did a little extracting and we did see some results. I told her that we will resume at another time in order to continue to work on the chin. When she came in for the next visit I was kind of skeptical and wondering if we were going to get through without tears this time.  I was allowed to extract with no tears. Now, they did squirm just a little but we did it without any tears. At the end of the service the skin was smooth it  and ww were completely satisfied with that session. We’re so looking forward to going to another section of skin and clearing that up as well. Once acne is cleared up and we have cleansed the pores out completely, we will go in and work on any hypopigmentation to start to brighten the skin and evening the skin tone. I was so proud of her and when she came in and told me that she realized that if she wanted things to change about her skin and she had to be willing to change her habits, I was just elated. Now I know that she is fully committed to taking care of her skin. She has had a great started using her product faithfully and is sure to clean her skin twice a day. I’m completely proud of her and so happy that I have the privilege of being her skin care professional.
I often use my son as an example of how eventually teens will come into their own and realize that they cannot fight their skin problems on their own. That there is help out there but they have to be willing to put in the effort as well. After all this is a part of becoming a young adult. When I heard my son asked me about his cleanser and his moisturizer for his skin I knew I had arrived.  I knew that eventually with enough talking 2 instead of talking at them they will come around and understand where I was coming from. My son even loves the high frequency which he calls my taser. He always asks if I will bring my taser home so that I could use it on his face. I told him please don’t go to school and tell people that I tase your face….. Lol.
If you know a young adult teen or preteen with acne that could use a little urging to take care of their skin or need a good start to a great skin care regimen I would be happy to help them along the way. I can be reached at the information below. Thanks again for reading and being a subscriber.
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Not Everyone can wear their Own Natural Nails

431305_3397422257217_1076495532_nSome of us are born with pretty, long, natural nails. Some of our nails are not so long. However, they are pretty strong.  Then there are those of us who have gone to nail salons and had our nails destroyed and now they are paper thin. Finally, there are those of us who have thin nails by nature.
People with naturally thin nails who want to wear gel polish or dream of having nice long nails must come to the realization that, not everyone is able to wear natural nails. However,  there are alternatives to your dilemma. You can have a full set of acrylic, or you can have a full set of gel nails. “Well those acrylic and gel nails tore my nails up”, many will say. So many people are just over the  idea of wearing enhancements. Well I want to be honest and straight forward with you. If your nails are destroyed due to wearing enhancements, you need to find a nail care provider. I won’t go into that here, I have a post about acrylics destroying your nails.
What I will tell you is that a nice overlay of gel on your natural nail goes a long way. Even if your nails are splitting and breaking. You have tried all of the nail strengtheners in the world. Nothing seems to work. Builder gel does not have to be applied thick and will protect your nails from breaking when they split. In alot of cases they do not stop them from splitting, but it will hold the nail together so that you have nice pretty nails. ‘Well what about when I take them off?’ That’s just it, if you take them off, you will go back to the natural state of your nails. So for the most part, this is a part of your grooming regimen that probably will not change, unless your deciding to just deal with what you have.
Saving natural nails are not impossible. Many times you can strengthen them. But if there is damage in the matrix of the nail, that splitting is not going to stop. It’s up to you to make an informed decision about the state of your nail. Your Nail Care Provider should do just that, TAKE CARE OF YOUR NAILS. If there is pain, pulling, bleeding, you need to find a Professional. They will make you love your nail enhancements. After all who doesn’t like cute nails?
If you live in the Piedmont Triad area or Richmond County, I am a nail and skincare provider in the area. For more information feel free to contact me at the number below.

Chanda Jenkins
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What is Skin Needling?

This is the left side day one to day 7. More pics to come

This is the left side day one to day 7. More pics to come

This is the right side from day 3 to day 7.  More pics to come. Actual work at A Lil Me Time.

This is the right side from day 3 to day 7. More pics to come. Actual work at A Lil Me Time.

So many of us would love to have all natural and organic products used on our face. Truth be told with our diets and sometimes just plain old genetics we are not blessed with flawless skin where we can use organic products that will just keep our skin balanced out,  We need a little more. Some do not want to hear this but it is the truth.  We love makeup as women whether it is a full face or even just a little eyeliner and gloss. However, when you do not clean your face before bed everynight and you sleep in your makeup, you cause your skin to age about 7 days.  Over time we begin to feel that we NEED makeup in order to feel comfortable in the skin we are in.

There are so many methods out there for us to choose from when it comes to getting our skin back in the shape we want it to be. At the very least, we should be cleansing with a professional grade cleanser and followed by moisturizing. However there are more than not of people who are using OTC products that they can get at a store.  While they may take care of the surface, (sometimes) they are doing nothing for the long haul. They do not penetrate the skin to get to where you need it the most.

One of the newest services available is Skin Needling. It is the act of injuring the skin in order to force it to start the healing process and start to build more collagen and elastin.  Such as awesome service that will leave your skin feeling soft  and refreshed. Your products will be more effective because you are going to use the time that your pours are wide open to Feed your skin all of the nourishment it can stand. You will see and feel the appearance of brighter better skin within 2  weeks. The process is completed monthly for up to 6 months but no less that 3. After your first 6 months you should have it done once or twice a year to keep up the results of the service.

There are generally 2 different ways that the service can be performed.However its more effective when you have it professionally done with the right professional products that can be penetrated into your skin for the best results. In the pic above you can see some stretch marks that we are working on at the posting of this entry. We are about to do the second treatment and she is quite happy with the results so far. I will post more results later as we get them.

The next question I am sure is if the service hurts. Some places you can go and they do it without numbing. And I will also confess that I attempted to do part of my face without numbing it first. I DO NOT SUGGEST IT…lol. It was not excrutiating, but its better when you numb the skin first. Below are some of the other areas that Needling is quite effective for:

  • Wrinkles
  • Acne scarring
  • Hair loss
  • scars
  • stretch marks
  • and more

I have several clients who are being treated for anti aging purposes. However, I have one that I am working on for facial hair growth. I will be sure to post before and after photos.

If you have any questions about this service or would like to schedule a consultation, please feel free to reach me @:


These pics below are not pics by A Lil Me Time But I will be replacing them with pics from the salon.

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Nails & Beauty by Chanda

chanda]I am mostly known for nails. After all it has been my craft since August 24th 2002. With my wandering mind and ability to be easily bored it is the one thing I have done consistently and never seem to grow tired of. On top of all of that, I’m pretty darn good at it.

For the last year I have been license as an esthetician. I tend to become passionate about things that I love and skincare has become one of my passions. I initially went to esthetics school because I wanted to study makeup artistry. In North Carolina you have to be a licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist considered a Professional Makeup Artist. Makeup was just a tiny portion of the esthetics program. I learned that you can change your skin back to its youthful stages by being consistent and using the right products.

Most people are not concerned with their skin until they have to be. But starting early with a consistent regimen will keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Some of the services I now offer as a skin care professional are

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical Peel
  • Needle Abrasion
  • Permanent Makeup

 just to name a few. Not to mention the basics of facials exfoliation and body treatments. I personally enjoy working with Acne. Watching it clear up and giving someone a self confidence boost. No one wants blemishes on their face. So I love educating adult teen and their parents on proper skin care and prevention. Stay tuned for the expansion on all of my services. Some education about your well being is the first step to maintaining your beauty. There is so much more to come as we break down some of the services offered.

Your Skin Needs You


Your skin needs you. It needs you to treat it as if its the most important part of your body. Its needs you to keep it nourished, hydrated and healthy. Well to be honest it is the largest Organ. It is the most important part of your being. While it is largely neglected at a very youthful age, many take for granted that it will always remain that soft and resilient. Sorry to tell you, but it will not unless you begin to take great care of it early. Did your parents slather you with sunscreen? Did they tell you to stay out of the sun? Most did because they knew that if you did not protect your skin from the sun that you run the risk of sun damage or even worse, skin cancer.
Where do you begin in the start of a good skincare regimen? How do you keep your skin looking youthful and healthy? You first have to find out what type of skin you have. Dry, oily, normal, combination? Then you go from there and choose a line that will add the nutrients your skin needs to stay in a healthy state. You can find a skincare Professional in your area that will conduct a skin care analysis and give you a skin regimen to get you started. If you have mature skin, acne skin, or extra dry skin and already have concerns, your Professional will get you on the right track to better skin in no time.
There are many lines out that specialize in certain skin types and can be quite confusing. This is where your personal skincare Pro comes in handy. The one thing that I will tell you is to stay away from over the counter products if you are looking for results that will last over time. Most are watered down and only have a drop or so of the actual ingredient that is supposed to give you the results you are looking for. Instead, ask your Professional for a Professional Grade Product that will definitely get you results.
Do not wait until you see those sneaky signs of aging. Get a jump start on aging now and stop it in its tracks. If you need more information on finding a skin care professional in your area, feel free to contact me by phone, email, or even Facebook. We even offer one on one Virtual Skin Analysis. Its the beautiful covering that God gave you to show of your outer beauty. Beauty is really skin deep and your skincare should be nourished from the inside out.

Would you like to get more information on a great skincare line and where to start with your skin care? Call, text or email me at the information below. We can schedule your skincare analysis immediately. I look forward to hearing from you .

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Chanda Jenkins

Ever Tried Ear Candling?

Ear Candling

The packaging says for entertainment purposes. However, in my opinion there is something to Ear Candling. Many people will think, that is just the candle that is burned inside once the procedure is over. However, if you look beyond the white substance that is inside the candle, there is wax that was removed from your ear. How does this procedure work you might ask. Well, a hollow candle, made of linen and Paraffin is placed in the ear. Either the client or the technician is holding the candle in place. The technician then lights the candle at the top and the procedure begins. Smoke goes downward in a spiral motion ( looks like a tornado) and the candle is burned for about 10-15 minutes. As the candle burns, the technician will cut the burned linen away into a bowl of water. Meanwhile, the client feels no heat, and is just laying there relaxed while the procedure takes place. I like to hold the candle myself as a technician so that if the client chooses to take a power nap, they do not drop the candle on themselves. At the end of the candling, 10 times out of 10 the client wants to see what has come out of their ear. I open the candle and there is usually some white substance that is the candle and smoke and then there is a brown substance which is the wax that was removed from the ear. Most frown at what they see, but is intrigued that it was removed from their ears. Some people will have more wax removed than others. The feeling after the procedure is clarity in my opinion. It seems that I can even see better than I could before the procedure. During allergy season like we are in now, ear candling can be quite helpful. Usually around this time of year and beginning of spring is when I personally see more results from candling. If you have never had your ears candled it is a great procedure that will clean some of the wax out of your ear and give you a Lil Me Time to just lay there and get a quick snooze. If you have or have had tubes in the ear, it is not suggested that you have this done. If you have any questions or would like more information about having your ears candled, please feel free to contact me @:

Nail Bytes


Nail biting…smh. This hits so close to home for me. Yes, I am a Nail Artist and my job is to keep nails beautiful. However, I have a confession to make. I am a Nail Biter.
Nail biting is usually a habit that is picked up in childhood or just happens when stress arises in adults. Like most habits, it has to be a conscious decision for the nail biter to begin the process of recovery. In young people there usually has to be an incentive. For example, with my 8 year old, she loves to keep her nails polished. She knows that I will not if there is nothing to polish. . She makes an honest effort not to bite her nails. If she slips up she will tell me and assure me that it was a mistake and she will do better for the next time. This shows that she is conscious about her nail biting and it is promising that she will one day not be a nail biter.
Adult nail biters are a little harder to crack. Adults know that your nails are probably the most germ filled part of the body. However, stress can really make it impossible to kick the habit. Sometimes it just happens. We just stop nail biting. However, again we have to become conscious of what we are doing. Personally, I have made a conscious decision to stop biting my nails. Im quite proud of my progress. However, I know that I have some ways to go. I can cover them with a full set of Acrylic or Gel and they will grow very long. However, I prefer to have my nails natural. So my goal will be to become an ex-nail biter.
There are more intense nail biters who bite all the way around their nails. This can lead to damage to the matrix where your nails will never grow back the same. This is a little more deep rooted and probably needs the advice of a Dr. or Psychologist. Its a anxiety issue more than just normal nail biting. However, I have even seen clients who have recovered from severe nail biting, but it did include a deeper treatment than just bitter tasting polish or becoming conscious of the habit.

Ways to combat Nail Biting
**Cover nails with a Full Set of Acrylic or Gel
**Inform biter that the nails hold more germs than the fingers. These germs can cause stomach problems when nails are swallowed.
**Find the Triggers
**Find another outlet (Not Picking or biting the cuticle)
**Get regular manicures and keep your nails looking nice
**Do not scold children. They will hide it from you instead of getting help.
**Entice youth with a manicure or pretty polish change.